June Stadium List Updates

A new team and ballpark in 2013, the Hillsboro Hops. Sadly however, this leaves Yakima without pro baseball
The Hillsboro Hops bring a new team and ballpark in 2013. Sadly however, this leaves Yakima without pro baseball

Pretty much the only updating that takes place this month is from baseball’s short-season and summer-collegiate leagues. There is a brand new ballpark from this category as baseball returns to Portland, Oregon…well, kinda. Only three years after the Beavers left PGE Park to make room for MLS’ Timbers, the region took in the Yakima franchise from the Northwest League. A rapidly-built stadium in the suburb of Hillsboro is just about complete and the ballpark will debut on Monday. While there is quite a difference between a Triple-A team and a short-season Single-A squad that plays half an hour away from Portland, some peopleĀ  are happy to see baseball come back. At the other end of this, is Yakima. Their ballpark sits empty and while big city Portland has other sports, the Heart of Central Washington loses it’s lone franchise. My feelings are for the latter.

Other news comes from summer-collegiate ball, starting with the Lake Erie Monarchs of the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League. I found out they play at Ned Skeldon Stadium, the old home for the Toledo Mud Hens. Nice to see an old park on The List. Some additional info on seating capacities found me adding Gastonia’s Sims Legion Park and removing the Duffy Fairgrounds in Watertown. I also added the home of the Holyoke Blue Sox, but I really have a hard time believing MacKenzie Stadium seats 4,000.

Lastly, an update from an independent league, United League Baseball. Did you know they are operating without a running website? Looking through websites for specific teams, games are being played, but amazingly there is no site for the league. An amazing world, this independent baseball.

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  1. Just to clarify, when the post was made you likely were right about the ULB and its website. That has since been remedied and now uses the same domain, but redirects to the site being hosted on Pointstreak (where the league stats are as well). Thanks!

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