Taking the Annual Memorial Day Trip Indoors


Usually the Memorial Day weekend finds us at a ballpark somewhere within a long drive. However, this year there will be no ballpark as this stadium visit will come in the form of a basketball arena. It’s good timing too as the weather is somewhat crappy here in the Northeast for the first part of the weekend. Southeast Connecticut is where we will be and that will include a visit to the Connecticut Sun and Mohegan Sun Arena. This is a unique one as there will be a couple of firsts for me: the WNBA and a casino arena. There certainly won’t be a shortage of things to do before and after the game with one of the country’s biggest casinos a step away. We will also check out Foxwoods while in the area this weekend, along with Mystic which includes the Aquarium and Seaport. Unfortunately, only one stadium visit is on tap as there aren’t many other options nearby. Though the Connecticut Tigers play in Norwich, just a few minutes north, the Tigers are in the NYPL which does not start until mid-June. I also looked into making the drive to Pawtucket, but they are on the road. Be back sometime next week with a wrap-up!

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