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It’s been a rough couple of weeks with work and I’ve been unable to get a new stadium in. I’ve tried for the past few weekends to try a college basketball roadie to Maryland and UMBC, but to no avail as January 20th was my last day completely off. I’ve got a February trip in the last few years (Rhode Island and NE Ohio), but 2013 may be a struggle. So we will play the next month by ear and go with a last minute visit. Hard to believe, but as far as winter venues go, only a small handful are left to visit within a reasonable driving distance for a day’s trip. Two places I’m hoping to a make a return stop the next few months are Stabler Arena and Nassau Coliseum. Stabler is home to Lehigh basketball and even without McCollum, I love their team this year and they are staging quite a two-team battle with Bucknell for the Patriot Title. Secondly, the Islanders are only home in the Coliseum for a few more years and I want to get back before they move to Brooklyn. Plus my pictures and review badly need updating there. As for some other random thoughts:


– How great was it to see the Super Bowl back in the Superdome (excuse me, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome). Hard to believe that 2002 was the last time the big game was held in New Orleans. Ignoring the power failure, it just feels right that the game is New Orleans. I think bringing it to Jersey next year in the Meadowlands is a big joke. Wait till they see what a pain it is to venture from NYC to East Rutherford and how crappy it is to use a cold neutral site, both for the players and fans. The Super Bowl belongs in four regions: Miami, New Orleans, Arizona and Southern California.

– Crazy that this new Markham Arena is making progress despite no promise of an NHL team. The suburb of Toronto continues it’s march towards a new facility and an NHL franchise. Not sure what to make of this, but I hope Kansas City is in the back of their mind, where the Sprint Center waits for something bigger than the Kansas City Brigade of the AFL

– Tampa recently installed a massive scoreboard at the Tampa Bay Times Forum as the Jerry Jones-inspired monster is 50 feet wide and 28 feet high. I have yet to see one of these in person (the Toyota Center has one), but I would be curious to hear if they add to the fan experience or detract from their attention on the court. or field

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  1. I saw a massive (although less so than some that you’re talking about) scoreboard inside Wings Stadium, home of the Kalamazoo Wings, and I was surprised that it did not attract from the fan experience. It’s clear that this is a trend. My preference is for video screens that don’t hang over the field, court, or ice. I think it is overall a much cleaner look.

    As far as the Super Bowl. I don’t mind playing in cities that have an indoor venue, but cold weather cities. Indianapolis is a great host for major events. I don’t like the game in East Rutherford, mostly because I don’t want a game where the elements effect the outcome of the championship. Then again, some of the best NFL games have occurred in bizarre weather, so perhaps it will be a great thing.

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