Links to Start 2013

Some good stuff that I’ve found over the last few weeks:

Virtual Venue – Incredible 3D renderings of stadiums and arenas. It’s being used for ticket purposes, but stadium fans will be amazed at the incredible quality of each venue. I seriously was blown away checking out Beaver Stadium and Madison Square Garden. You could spend a while on this site (click “clients” at the top to find venues)

Mike Emrick Interview – He is an icon in hockey and one of the true (and currently few) gentleman in major network announcing. Such a passionate hockey fan, I heard him call the AHL All-Star game a few years ago (you think Joe Buck would call the AAA all-star game, or how about Nantz doing the MAC championship). The link is a transcript when Emrick MC’ed an event celebrating 75 years at Hersheypark Arena. Well worth a read through

STADIAFILE – I just stumbled upon this a few days ago and it is a blog about stadiums. Not your typical blog, but one that really gets into the nitty-gritty of stadium architecture and it’s written so well. Good stuff.

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