A couple weeks ago, I was up in Rochester, NY throwing my brother a bachelor party a few weeks before his wedding. Definitely a great time and capped off with a solid round of golf before heading back to Jersey. When I’m off from work, I try to avoid looking at weather unless something is approaching in the short-term. So, I was not expecting to return to the office on Tuesday and have to consider making a plan in case the newly formed tropical system Sandy would affect our main forecast region. In a few days, that plan became a reality and in my years of weather enthusiasm, I’ve never actually been scared for storm, which was the feeling in the entire meteorological community and it was certainly illustrated by any TV meteorologist about the severe impacts this storm was about to have. We made it through at work operationally functional throughout thanks to a generator, a spotty backup internet source and an extremely dedicated staff. Personally, there was no damage to our immediate area and though going three days without power sucked (however much of that time I spent at work), you won’t hear me complain as it pales in comparison to those who will be out weeks, whom I truly feel awful for. Given the mess the region is in with the amount of trees/wires damaged, a week to two weeks for power restoration on average is understandable. The other big problem is the gas shortage as getting fuel is becoming an extreme challenge in our area. The storm had an impact on our town, but nothing like other communities, especially those devastated along the shore. All the best to those in recovery efforts and I strongly encourage everyone to volunteer or donate. These weren’t just summer homes destroyed, but there are many great people who call the shore home year round. Same with all the areas away from the ocean that were devastated by this storm. Now that I have started seeing some things on TV, I see the media running away with the “tempers are flaring” theme amongst people here. Yes, there are those jerks around, but the majority of Jersey is much more full of great, caring, generous and kind people than what gets  portrayed.

So, with that wrap-up of the last few weeks, I’ll be skipping on going to Newark, DE for a visit to Delaware Stadium this weekend to see the Delaware-Towson game. The gas issue is the main reason and a lot of that is guilt on my end not wanting to use gas for some entertainment. Also, lots of things I need to take care of  this weekend. I was looking to get down there in December for a bball game, but not sure yet what the plan is. Getting into my busy snow season at work, plans are tentative, but I’m going to try and think one up soon, so check back with the website  on upcoming plans.

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