Rockies Stadium Trip

It’s that time again!!! We are getting ready to head out on vacation and we have four new stadiums on the schedule! Lately, we’ve been taking a week off in early Fall, but this year, the wife and I will be going more traditional and take a mid-summer break. The destination has been planned for a few months and it is Colorado. Obviously, things have changed quite a bit since we made those plans. The state has had to deal with record heat, drought and by far worst of all, the tragic wildfires. The Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs, was the most destructive in the state’s history and many homes were lost. Weather Disasters are one thing, but fire is a completely different and scary disaster. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is affected in Colorado (and other parts of the West).

As this was happening a week or two ago, I felt really guilty about continuing plans to “vacation” in the state. But after reading this article, I feel a lot better and am encouraged that we’ll actually be helping. So, off we go and we’ll be flying out on Saturday. Much of our trip will be centered in Denver, but we are going to spend a day in Golden and Colorado Springs, along with driving through the Rockies to Grand Junction out in the west. Speaking of Rockies, those are the nicknames of two teams we will be seeing during this venture…

Stadium visits start right off the bat with an MLS game in Commerce City as the Colorado Rapids take on FC Dallas Saturday. This is my second MLS game and I’m really looking forward to it. I just hope our flights go smooth as we are scheduled to get into Denver around 12:30 and the game starts at 7:00. Monday, we are at Security Service Field for a AAA PCL game with Colorado Springs. Then it is on to see their parent team, the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. With my recent trip to Yankee Stadium fresh in mind, it will be interesting to see how the two experiences stack up. The game features the lowly Rockies against the equally lowly, wait a minute, no its the FIRST PLACE Pittsburgh Pirates! Our last stadium will be in Western Colorado, where the brand new Grand Junction Rockies play a Pioneer League game in recently renovated Sam Suplizio Field.

I’m hoping to get another running daily summary going for this trip and once I’m back, the reviews will gradually come up over the next few weeks (in between Olympic watching). Until then, check back this weekend as our journey gets going!

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