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Posted by Sean Rowland on May 14, 2012

The last few years, soccer has brought us some amazing moments, but I don’t think anything could come close to the craziness yesterday. The English Premier League title came down to the final day and insanity is one way to describe what happened. I’m glad I saw this live, because the entire match between Manchester City and QPR was so dramatic and different (like Man City having 27 shots and 20 corners). After bombarding QPR all game, Man City scored two in stoppage time to come back and win the Premier League, sending the supporters at the Etihad Stadium into hysterics:

that was the terrific call from Martin Tyler and this was from the equally great Ian Darke who we should all be so thankful calls games here back in the States:

One Response to ““Stupendous!!!””

  1. paulswaney said

    Completely agree Sean. What an amazing year in the Premier League, and this was a great way to cap it off

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