Stadiums I’d Love to Get Back to

Army's Michie Stadium before the rains came during a football game in 2008

After attending a new stadium or arena, there are a few out there that just resonate and stick with me. It’s not easy getting back to see it again since I’d like to continue the journeys and visit the next new place, but a couple are worthy of going out of the way to come back and visit. Here are some that I want to make a return to (I didn’t count those that I have seen in the last year):


Tullio Arena – Erie, PA – Erie Otters
This was one of the first trips that I made almost ten years ago and the atmosphere in this old building was awesome. The arena itself was drab, but the place was rocking and is known as one of the most intimidating buildings in the OHL. Can’t believe this is my only OHL game, I need to make a road trip in Ontario to check out this league, but its a little more difficult living in New Jersey, as opposed to being in Rochester. Regardless, I still want to get back to Tullio.

Bell Centre – Montreal, QU – Montreal Canadiens
Montreal is an amazing city and it would be cool to check out again. We were there during an awful sleet/snow storm in April 2003, so having better weather and checking out the view from Mt. Royal would be great. As would getting back to the Bell Centre for a Canadiens game.

Dunn Field – Elmira, NY – Elmira Pioneers
Ahhh, baseball and serenity. Normally, what puts a stadium visit over the top for me is the atmosphere and fan passion. You won’t see that at Dunn Field, but I remember having such a nice, relaxed afternoon here. Sitting in the 1930s grandstand at this neighboorhood ballpark offering a view of the rolling Southern Tier hills was very enjoyable and peaceful. I’m afraid this place is going to become outdated for baseball and won’t be around much longer as the professional game has past it by, luckily the NYCBL has been here for the last few years and summer baseball has been played.

Fenway Park – Boston, MA – Boston Red Sox
I probably don’t have to get into much reasoning why I would love to get back, just a few weeks ago I compared Wrigley and Fenway, with Fenway getting the slight edge in my eyes.

Michie Stadium – West Point, NY – Army Black Knights
The game I attended here was both good and bad. The good was that the driving, steady rain held off until a few minutes into the start of the game, thus allowing me to take pictures both inside and out, along with getting a quick walking tour of the stadium. The bad was the driving, steady rain that fell for the rest of the game. Along with the amount of history in this football stadium, it also has one of the best settings in college football. A pleasant, October afternoon would be excellent here. There are also some unique traditions that would be great to see, as I never got the chance to witness the parachute team develivering the game-day football.


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