Slowly, but surely I’m getting to the stadium reviews. Five new stadiums would take a lot of time, but when two of them are icons, woo there’s a lot to ponder, but I do like writing them. Anyway, we’ve been back a week and I’ve got Akron’s Canal Park and South Bend’s Notre Dame Stadium written and posted. Wrigley will be done soon and then hopefully the other two I’ll have done this weekend. I couldn’t get any work done yesterday as most of the day was celebrating that Bills win! (just kidding, I just watched some more football after jumping around the house for 15 minutes). The rest of the website updates (rankings, Youtube, visits) will be done shortly thereafter. I’ve also taken a peak at some of my older reviews and man they are basic. I would love to redo or update these, but I’m not sure how or when…though it is in the back of my mind. Last thing on this ramble is I want to thank some people that helped out on the trip: Ross Swaldo, Debra Jessup and Aaron Morse. Thank you!

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