News and Notes

It’s been a busy, rough stretch of work and I’m itching to get back on the road, but I’m not sure when the next stadium trip will be. Likely not this weekend and really hoping for next weekend as I’ll have three options available. I love college basketball and would like to try and get to a couple new buildings before tournament season hits. (EDIT…going to the Rider-Iona game at Alumni Gym in Lawrenceville tonight. It’s a tiny building not on The List, but nonetheless should be a good MAAC game).

I updated The List last week and a couple notable updates include the mid-season moves of the Oregon Ducks basketball team (to Matthew Knight Arena) and the University of Minnesota-Duluth hockey team (to Amsoil Arena). Also made a couple other housekeeping fixes on there.

Won’t be making any baseball updates ’till the season gets going again, but interesting happenings in the independent leagues as big changes likely result in the Northern League, Golden Baseball league and United Baseball League with  the formation of the North American League, which to me seems bound for failure. You can read updated news on the situation at the great site: Ballpark Digest. They also reported some bad news today as Skylands Park, the closest stadium to my house, will be tenant-less next season as the Sussex Skyhawks (Can-Am) fold.

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