Stadium Journey

Wanted to throw a quick mention to another web site that is truly becoming THE place to go to if you’re interested at all about stadiums or game travel. Stadium Journey ( is a remarkable venture that is becoming the main resource for fans traveling to sporting events. The main guts of the site is centered around stadium reviews that give an in-depth look at what fans can expect when attending games at the facility. All four major sports are in there while minor-league, college and soccer teams are being added every day. It is also a truly interactive webpage as users can become free members, which allows them to leave user reviews, comments and feedback. I have done a couple reviews for Stadium Journey and consider myself very happy and lucky to be just a small part of this  team. Check it out, definitely some great information and worth exploring.

On an unrelated note, only a week and a half after visiting (and raving about) the building, Madison Square Garden temporarily closes after an asbestos scare. Last Night’s Knicks-Magic game was canceled because air quality detectors went off after debris was moved in the roof. Man, I would have been really disappointed had that been a few short days ago, having plans of going to MSG. Turns out there was no asbestos, but the building is still closed. Interesting to see how their renovations progress the next few years after this “incident”.


Tuesday's Knicks-Magic game at Madison Square Garden was cancelled (from the Kansas City Star, photo by Seth Wenig)


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