2010-2011 College Facilities Updated



Louisville's KFC Yum! Center replaces Freedom Hall (image from Louisville Arena Authority)



The List of Stadiums page has just been updated to reflect all of the college facility updates (capacities, new stadiums, etc.) for the 2010-2011 season. Probably the “Biggest” change, and I mean biggest in the literal sense, is that of the University of Michigan, where the umpteenth renovation brought Michigan Stadium to a capacity of  109,901 returning the title of biggest stadium in the U.S. to Ann Arbor. It seems like an arms race as this changes like every five years. Beaver Stadium laid claim to the honor previously.

There were no new football stadiums, however five new basketball arenas will be opening with the most influential one  likely coming in Louisville where another horribly named facility opens up: the KFC Yum! Center. Luckily, the old Freedom Hall will remain a basketball arena as it will be hosting the Big East/SEC Invitational. One arena that will not have the same luck is venerable MacArthur Court in Eugene, Oregon. This was one of my favorite arenas to see a game on TV at and I always wished I could see a game here. Love those triple balconies and it just seemed like an awesome place. The new Matthew Knight Arena is not on my list because the facility won’t open until January and you never know if construction delays keep the old place open for longer. The last game at MacArthur Court is tentatively January 1st vs Arizona State,  so consider yourself lucky if you get to see a game here as it likely does not have a future after Ducks basketball makes the move.

Some other new facilities being opened includes Auburn Arena, which I’m guessing is a good replacement for Beard-Evans Coliseum. Bradley kind of opens a new arena (Bradley Arena), but the men’s basketball team will only play a few games there as they will primarily remain downtown in Peoria’s Carver Arena. Also, in Mount Pleasant, Central Michigan totally re-did their arena and named it the CMU Events Center.

Now with hockey getting underway, (NHL opening night is tomorrow…woo-hoo!!!) that will be the next slew of updates.

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