This is what Sports is all about

I saw this video by Robby Donoho last week and I need no words to introduce just how awesome it is.

Almost brings a tear to your eye to see that raw sporting emotion…I almost regretted going through that agonizing 90 minutes and doing zero work at my job, but it made it that much more rewarding when you saw their last chance go in. It’s just an amazing four year process through the qualifying stages that culminates at the Cup Finals. to make the Finals six times in a row AND get out of the group stage two out of three is fantastic. Its a little sad looking back on this after the Ghana loss, but just reflect on the incredible series of events just to get that game (Robert Green, the 2nd half comeback vs Slovenia and then Landon’s Goal) Well done USA…Now let’s try to get to the Quarters in 2014!

Happy 4th of July

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