Tour of Philly Continues

On Sunday, I’ll be visiting my 80th stadium as we head down to Philadelphia for a trip to the Wachovia Center as the Flyers take on the Thrashers at 7 PM. Tickets have been purchased (at a modest rate) thanks to StubHub and should arrive in a few days. My tour of Philadelphia continues as this is the third facility I will have seen there in the last eight months. The city has a total of nine facilities on The List, so there is still plenty to go.

This should be a weird game for me to watch as I don’t like either team (normally, I’m neutral and root for the home guys). Personally, I can’t stand the Flyers and have always hated them with their usually goonish team. It likely stems back to the mid-late 90s when I watched them against Buffalo in the playoffs seemingly every year. Maybe this has a little to do with the dislike…..

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Thrashers….who cares. It’s a disgrace that they even have a hockey team, as I could name more than a dozen cities that could support hockey better than Atlanta. Plus their uniforms are ugly. The other challenge at this game will be avoiding hearing the score of the NCAA Tournament as I likely will be DVRing the Syracuse game (as long as they take care of Vermont). I know Duke will get that cushy 12:10 PM game, so I’ll likely miss the Cuse and have to try very hard to avoid hearing any scores (EDIT….WE GOT THE 12:10 SLOT!…REVERSE JINX SUCCESSFUL). The Wachovia Center will be my 6th NHL arena (5th current) and looking forward to checking out a game their in one of the usually louder arenas.

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