Updated List

The Stadium List has been updated and the next few months will feature plenty of updates with baseball resuming play. Also soccer will be back and I know there will be a couple new soccer-specific stadiums opening, which is terrific! This list update was mainly for the unorganized chaos that is indoor football as most leagues start up in March. The new AFL begins in April. There were some casualties as the Albany Civic Center (Albany GA), Florence Civic Center (Florence SC) and DC Armory (Washington DC) have all disappeared from The List as they lost their respective indoor football team and I can’t find any other sporting events hosted. One great addition is the Cow Palace, the great old arena in the San Francisco area (Daly City) that now plays host to the San Jose Wolves.

I did fix up a few other things as Wichita’s sparkling new arena, Intrust Bank Arena is now open downtown. As a result, Britt Brown Arena which used to host the CHL’s Thunder will be closing and won’t be hosting any more sporting events. I also had one change that slipped through the cracks as Trenton changed their building name to Sun National Bank Center…ugh. That keeps my number at 16% of stadiums that I have visited have switched names. Let’s hope that percentage comes down soon.

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