Off to Hawk Hill

I tried so hard to make the Rhode Island trip to work. Everything was setting up great. The weather was good (clear of snow) and I wouldn’t have to work and the wife had the weekend off. However, with Friday’s snow, I have to do some summaries tomorrow. Then, it just became too late to plan/book everything, so we just decided another weekend would be better, when we have a little more leadtime. Plus its going to be freakin’ freezing, so any of the outdoor stuff we were going to do in Newport wouldn’t be all that fun. Especially, the Sunday morning famous cliffside walk when its 15 degrees and breezy. Its a shame because I was really looking forward not only to seeing URI’s Ryan Center, but also the HUGE Temple vs Rhode Island game.

So instead, we have a very nice consolation prize: A-10 rival Saint Joseph’s and newly renovated Michael J. Hagan ’85 Arena (lets just call it Hagan Arena). This use to be the old bandbox, Alumni Memorial Fieldhouse and it still is the same building, but it has been completely upgraded. I’ll be heading there on a solo trip for a 4 PM game vs Fordham tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the Fieldhouse and all the traditions played out on Hawk Hill!

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