Birney Crum put off Again

MonmouthIn the Fall, I kind of use J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown as my crutch in that it’s always there for a new stadium visit in case I need it. I’ve probably put off about four trips there to reschedule something else. This time it is a visit to the newest stadium on my list, Monmouth University’s Multipurpose Activity Center (what a creative name).

The only high school football playoff game going on at Birney Crum Stadium this weekend is Friday Night at 7 PM. I can make that game, but the weather is not great. I don’t really want to sit in the stands in a 50-degree drizzle/rain with some wind. Plus the nighttime and rain make it difficult to get pictures. The better option came when I saw that Monmouth was opening their new 4,100 seat building. The Hawks play FIU Friday Night, but they also play Seton Hall at 4 PM Sunday, perfect as I can also get some daylight outside shots of the MAC. So tickets are bought and we’re all set to go for #77!

I am going to have to re-figure out a plan for December into the coming winter months for new venues. Unfortunately, what I thought it was a perfectly planned trip to the Bob Carpenter Center in Newark was foiled by the wife having to work that Saturday, the 12th. We were going to the Brandywine Valley in Southern Chester County, PA as well, so we’re going to put a hold on that arena probably until next year. Meanwhile, I haven’t been to the Prudential Center in Newark yet, so an April 11 visit by the Sabres was the perfect time to go check out the arena. However, I will be at a wedding in Austin, TX that weekend, which in itself is going to open up some new opportunities. So in the next few days, I’ll be putting together some rough plans that I’m sure will change but will be fun looking forward to. Otherwise, it’s off to West Long Branch on Sunday, with site updates coming early next week.

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