Rooting for Rexall to stay

oilersWith hockey back, I’m reminded how much I love watching games in Edmonton. It seems like there is just something inherently different about that arena that stands out from everyone else. It has such an old-school feel to it. That building seems to rock louder than any place in the NHL come playoff time and I get goosebumps just thinking about what it would be like to watch a game there. But now there are talks about a new downtown arena. Yes, it would bring more money with (boo) club and luxury suites. And yes all the amenities would be much better. But I don’t think any place could recreate the atmosphere of the current Rexall. Remember what the old Chicago Stadium was like and how the cavernous United Center now eats up noise. Let’s hope that Rexall Place stays in tact for a long time and that Alberta keeps both (Calgary’s Saddledome is great too) their beautiful hockey arenas going for awhile

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