Don’t Go Rosenblatt


Only one more year left for the College World Series at Rosenblatt Stadium and that is truly sad. Giant boo to the NCAA and Omaha for replacing Rosenblatt. I know the reasons, it’s outdated, it’s 50 years old, lacking revenue sources (aka suites)…blah, blah, blah. I always find it sad when great old stadia is put down, but this one’s different in that not only are they taking the stadium away, but also the incredible festival feel of the neighborhood it surrounds. Seeing the stories this week along with remembering the scenes from the prior years, really makes you feel for sad for those fans and the neighborhood to be losing the whole atmosphere and pagentry that surrounds Rosenblatt when the CWS comes to down. All of the traditions are great and I’m sure some will make there way to TDAmeritrade Park and new ones will be made, but I doubt it comes close to prior ones. I’ve been following the news for a year or so and was hoping it would never get finalized. Maybe we’ll have to take a trip out to Omaha to say goodbye to a beautiful ballpark and tradition.

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