Citizens Bank Park is Awesome

liberty bell

On Sunday, we made our trip down to Philly to see Citizens Bank Park and the Phillies play. I’ve now been living in NJ for almost five years, yet this was my first trip to the city and I was really impressed! There is a lot to do and the whole Independence Park area right near Center City is awesome. We spent all of our morning time here and checked out the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Old City Hall, the First Congress building and a few other spots. There’s more museums and stuff in this area that we missed and we’ll likely come back to. It’s also VERY easy to drive in. You take an exit off of I-95 and a few turns puts you next to the Visitors Center where there is a lot of parking underground. And there were a TON of Red Sox fans checking out the sites while Boston was in town.

We took the Subway to the game to save some money (instead of paying $12 for parking twice). Citizens Bank Park is incredible. All of the accolades and high remarks toward it are well deserved. I won’t get into the details, as you can check out the review to the right. But there is SO much going on inside the ballpark including the wonderful Ashburn Alley. The concourse and amount of food options are amazing. But what really makes the ballpark is that all these ‘distractions’ don’t deter from the game or action. The ballpark is loud and fans are into it. I know Philadelphia is a football town, but baseball has just as strong a following as hockey and football. Now I realize the World Series win has a lot to do with it, but you really could sense the passion here. Yes, as a group they are loud and love to boo, but most of it was deserved. Architecturally, I really loved the ballpark design and all of the angles and unique seating bowl. Fenway Park has just a slight notch over Citizens in my book and even in the rankings I have Fenway leading. Only the location really kept Citizens Bank. All in all a great ballpark trip to a really beautiful facility.


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