Weekend Visit?

june11I always enjoy seeing the Yankees logo negatively altered. Anyway, the weekend plans for a new stadium are very much up in the air right now. The original plan was to see the new Yankee Stadium on Saturday, but other business came up. I’ll be seeing the inlaws in Long Island on Saturday, so we could spend the night and then on the way back to Jersey go to the Yankees game. But there are two problems…1) Parking, which is impossible nearby (and a venture I don’t particularly want to do). So we would have to catch a train 30-40 min out of the way. 2) No tickets and they are playing the Mets, so StubHub prices are ridiculous. Essentially, it’s probably best just to save the trip for an easier day and one that we can do a little easier from NJ or Manhattan-Penn Station.

The alternative is Citizens Bank Park to see a Sunday Matinee vs Boston. Again, tickets are a bit of an issue, but they are more reasonable for this game. The weather is a little up in the air too (it’s been an insanely difficult forecasting week) and I have been rained out of my only attempted stadium visit here before.

What stinks is that the next three weekends are out, so I would just have to skip a new stadium and then go onto July and the trip to Lakewood. I’ll post back tomorrow with the plan.

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