Welcome! I have always been an extremely avid sports fan. Along with that, I am fascinated by sports stadiums and we’re not just talking about ballparks, but arenas too. Not only do I love visiting the buildings themselves and admiring the architecture, design and unique touches to each one, but the other part that I really enjoy is feeling each team’s culture. It’s great to visit a different town or city and experience what makes them unique and special. The atmosphere inside of a sporting venue is just as special and being a part of the team and fan culture for one day.

On this site, you’ll find a list of all the stadiums and arenas in the US and Canada. I started this list in Middle School and it took me about 3 years to complete. Once a month, I go back and update it based on which league is resuming their season. Basically, it is all the professional, minor and college facilities in the country and some in Canada (currently over 1300). I had to put some sort of cap on the seating capacities, because I didn’t want to be listing fields that were just a stand of bleachers. So minimum capacities for ballparks are 3,500; arenas are 4,000 and stadiums are 10,000. You will see some high schools along with other amateur teams. Facilities that are inactive aren’t on the list. Please help me out and send me an email (seanmrowland@gmail.com) if you see any mistakes or something I may have missed. Also, if you use the file, please use my credit or permission. Thank you!

I try to visit a new stadium on the list once a month. Sometimes, that gets adjusted with vacations or work. Usually my very supporting wife accompanies me on most visits (reluctantly, but she enjoys the mascots and side trips away from the sports). So far, the count is up to 66. The list of visits is under the reviews section, which as the name implies has a review. Bear with my reviews, I am a scientist, not a writer and hopefully you will find them interesting to read.

The site is a work in progress and it will probably take a LONG time for me to get everything I want into the site. Most of it is already written, it just needs to be transferred. The “About” page is pretty much this post, but includes some personal background. Enjoy and if you have any comments, let me know!

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